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Thread: Task: Ball Heads


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    Task: Ball Heads

    For their Friday evening Arena Games, Headsmates played Basketball. Lomwe and Vimbai outshone their fellow Housemates with their ball skills, sometimes even dunking.

    Bernadina wasn't far behind these two in terms of shooting hoops. Her Hip Hop skills the night before indicated she was very streetwise and very much in tune with the three elements thereof; Basketball, rhyming and break dancing.

    Some Housemates bounced around as often as the ball did, with very little result in the end. It mattered very little in the end, because the Arena Games are just a way of getting Housemates to function as a team.

    Shortly after the Arena Games, Headsmates went into the House and received take away food, courtesy of Big Brother.

    This week you get to save Bernadina, Confidence, Michael, Sharon O or Vina. Vote now to save your favourite Housemates. Click Here to do so! Let your voice be heard!

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