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Thread: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update


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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    Thomas says he can sometimes be biased against a team that has very few Africans....He really loves African football...

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    Kristal promises to slap someone who comes to hug her after she is evicted this Hannington promises to kiss any one who evicted him...because he thinks this is a game not something that was created to make gradges......

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    Quote Originally Posted by jada123
    thanks...............this week is going to be full of surprises and intrigue
    alright, any time - fingers crossed for sunday

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    vote for kevin

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    [size=large]Elizabeth joins the smokers.......[/size]

    Elizabeth now Joins the smokers and tells Hannington to teach her how to smoke the pipe.....she tries alittle but coughs a ...she then asks Kristal to give her a ciggerate Instead because the pipe is choking....

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    Now Kaone ,Mzamo and Yacob put on their traditional outfits as part of what Nkenna had asked them to do the previous night in respect of their culture and an exhibition of their cultural values....

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    [size=large]The Traditional night as suggested by Nkenna...................

    The house now gets Traditionally heated up Kevin ,Leonel,Quinn and Nkenna are claded in their respective traditional outfits join Kaone ,Mzamo and Yacob for the traditional evening Suggested to them by Nkenna u did not see this ...cultural exhibition in the BB house to night may never catch this any really need to see Quinn ,Kristal ,NKenna and the rest of the house.....I am sorry to say this and do not mean to be biased but I give it up all to Nkenna for the Suggestion....

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    At the moment HAN seemes to be confident which is a good sign that he knows that Africa is BEHIND him.HAPPY INDEPEDENCE HAN.........KEEP VOTING FOR HIM AS HIS CEREBRATES HIS INDEPENDENCE TO DAY FOR UGANDA.

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    [size=large]Elizabeth causes mixed feelings amongest her Fans as Eviction day Approaches........[/size]

    An argument erupted yesterday morning between Leonel, Itai, Elizabeth and Yacob, about Yacob not cleaning the toilet seat properly. Yacob told them that he takes the Molotov Cocktail that Paloma threw at him as a joke because it is impossible to clean the toilet with a tooth brush. Elizabeth disagreed. She thinks he should be taking it more seriously or else no one else in the house should do their Molotov Cocktails.

    Later Yacob is talking to Edward about the argument. He referd to Elizabeth as a "psycho girl". Yacob said Elizabeth needs a strong man to control her or she’ll run all over her man. Edward tells Yacob that he must not take everything so seriously.

    [size=small]This is what the some of the fans had to say.......

    she is just being real and BBA 4 complaint..wot is good for de goose is also good for de gander so a molotov cocktail shouldn't be a joke so dat we can get de shine of de revolution....yacob should take note.elizabeth is being real while yacob should be regarded as de psycho here....ciao.

    Guys lets be realistic, in your normal senses can u clean a toilet with a toothbrush?...Its like drinking from a cup with a fork!!!

    Elizabeth is always involved in arguments very obvious to get screen coverage, we are not looking for that. Remember we subscribe to get value for our money.

    I think Elizabeth is trying to paint Yacob negatively to have him voted off. She is out of her mind if she really thinks that one can ocmfortably say a toilet is clean after it has been cleaned witha toothbrush. Surely they are still expceted to clean it porpoerly even after Yacob cleans it. Elizabeth seems to have a thing abaout arguing and is very temperamental. I hope she leaves this sunday. Vote Hannington!!!

    but Yacob has been complaining about those urinating on the seat. I think its Kaone

    then you expect yacob to clean that mess with a toothbrush. At least he has requested for a hand glove from big brother but it hasnt been provided. He cant go back to Ethiopia sick just because of a game.
    If Elizabeth is real then why is she refusing Kelvin

    Some people are very ignorant and stupid! It must be a joke to clean a toilet with a toothbrush. Toothbrush is for tooth. How many times will your whole teeth go in the size of the whole toilet pot? That is rubbish and unhiegenic because it doesn't help anyway even if Jacob would try to do it properly. That rubbish girl just want to be seen on the screen, throwing tantrums at the other housemates every time. She must shut her big mouth for ones and use her mind. Non-intelligent robot is she.

    Saara, Whats the insult about? i think everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. And please, its just a game. Am sure the housemates dont even know you guys one on one.

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    [attachment=29] Damn this! How could they just bring a straightforward christian in the house. Those people bore me to death. Who is this Nkenna or is it Nkenenkene?

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    The traditional ceremony seems to be going on well wtih Hannington and the guest.....Thomas are presenting as Heads of the ceremony....

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    Eddy is nominated as the BBA comedian....he has to tell a story....

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    Quinn and Itai make a perfrmance of dancing with their spirits....later on Leonel pulled off one of the best peformances to exhibit his culture in mozambique on his Mothers Birthday....

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    The Legend of BBA as nominated are ....Yacob,Kevin and Kaone....The BBA legend is ....Yacob.

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    RE: Day 33: BBA 4 Live Update

    The next award that will be named to BBA quitie goes to Elizabeth..

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